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Exterior Uncovered, Interior Cleaned Out for Sneak Peek

The progress continues on the exterior of the building. All of the efface on the east and south sides  is gone and some of the old brickwork is being removed in preparation for the renovation.

The inside of the teller and public areas has been cleared of all the bank's furnishings and made spic and span for a neigborhood Sneak Peek. The Chamber of Commerce members and DDA were invited in for a visit.

Building Project Article in the Bemidji Pioneer

Thanks to Bethany Wesley and  Dennis Doedon for their excellent article and support of our move to Downtown Bemidji.

Read the story here

Construction Update 2

The fabulous weather sure made the exterior work more pleasant. Many drivers and pedestrians were intrigued by what is being done to the building on the corner of 3rd and Beltrami. Here are the latest photos:

Construction on the new home of NMF is underway!

Here is the first blog post showing the work so far on the outside of the building on Third and Beltrami in downtown Bemidji. The goal is to get as much of the exterior work done as is possible before the tourist season begins and traffic increases downtown. The original brick work is going to be preserved in part, as much as possible, in an attempt to capture the look of the building when it was constructed. Revitalizing downtown and preserving a bit of history is a big part of NMF's goal for the project.