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It Takes A Village: Clear Waters Life Center Starts Mentoring Program for Area Youth

As you walk into the old Clearbrook School building, you may hear the sound of volunteers rustling in the thrift store as they work to sort out the mounds of clothing donations they receive from area residents. You'll notice the large, colorful sign above the stairs that says "Youth Connection", which will lead you down to the area designated for a weekly after-school program. As you walk through the halls, you'll pass by a dozen friendly faces of staff who are working fervently to keep a number of programs up and running that are offered by Clear Waters Life Center (CWLC).

In addition to the thrift store and Youth Connection program, CWLC also offers a garden center, furniture shop, adult day services, support groups, art studios, a full-size gym and fitness center, and a men's residential program. Since 2008, CWLC has been led by dedicated staff and continues to work around the clock to create community partnerships and ensure that residents in the Clearbrook-G…