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Friends of the Carnegie Library Fund

We would like to thank each and every donor for helping us to further our mission. The gifts we have received for this project are encouraging us to forge ahead, however we still need your support! 

Please take a look below to see our vision for this project. We hope the Carnegie Library will be a gathering place for locals and tourists alike ...With your support, this vision will become a reality. 
Our Vision
The Carnegie Library is not only an historic building, but resides within an historic site on the banks of Lake Bemidji, near the Mississippi River inlet, a site of human habitation for 3000 years.  As we restore the interior of the Carnegie, we intend to create an ongoing exhibit of regional Native American history and culture to celebrate this long and rich story, significant to the Ojibwe as well as those who settled here later. 

An exhibit will expand on the life of Shaynowishkung (Chief Bemidji) but also reflect on the pre-contact and post-contact life of the Ojibwe of Red Lak…