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Just a quick update.....

We have new windows!

Crews began installation on the back side of the building.
And the brick on the south side of the building is being resurfaced.

Can you see the difference?
Happy Thursday all.

Weekly Update

Hello NMF friends! We are excited to keep the new building updates rolling along!
Our plan for the downtown building is to recapture what it looked like in earlier years. Although the building has one address, it will actually look like three seperate buildings. Because we want to keep that historical look in tact.
You can see below the whole block is looking great!

We have chosen a similar brick tone for the west side of the building. 

The color pallet for the entire building is very neutral, we have chosen rich chocolate browns and creamy tans to carry throughout the interior of the building.  Much of the tile is chocolate brown, but we have also chosen a light marble-like tile as well.
The board below has wall color, carpet for both offices & the conference room, tile and cabinet/counter top colors.

The conference room and training center have been framed.

Hallways and doors are shaping up, so it's easy to envision the space will we work in!

On the corner of 3rd & B…

Sustaining Community Success

We had a celebration of community last night in Fertile, MN. The Bergeson family & Bergeson's Nursery were so kind to host NMF board and staff to celebrate the work done for Sustaining Community Success.

Advisory committee members from Stephen, Crookston, Fertile-Beltrami, Warren, Fisher & Argyle shared their triumphs and tribulations; each community had representatives on hand to network with each other, sharing ideas to help their own endowment continually grow for years to come!

The evening began with a tour of the beautiful gardens, all in their full glory.

The Bergeson Family is very talented. They strummed each instrument with their green thumbs! And we thoroughly enjoyed the show.
NMF President Nancy Vyskocil congratulated the committees on their success. They have held events, attended fairs, held donor recognition, and followed up on their community visions. She encouraged communities to take advantage of the assitance available from staff assigned to their funds…
IDEA Competition Opens for Fifth Year! The IDEA Competition opens for the fifth year on September 1, 2012.  If you have an innovative idea, one that could lead to being a profitable business venture, consider entering this year's IDEA Competition! 
Why enter?
Here's what you get when you participate: Access to valuable tools and resourcesThe opportunity to refine your investor pitchAttention in the mediaA chance to pitch your idea to qualified potential investors and leaders in the business communityThe chance to receive substantial funding for your venture, including individual cash awards of $10,000 each, for up to five winners Applications will be accepted until November 30. The regular application fee  is $150, but applicants who are able to get their forms in earlier can take advantage of the reduced, early-bird rate of $125. To be eligible for the early-bird rate, applications must be postmarked on or before November 15. Visit the IDEA website for information on how to enter …

Take a walk....

We show you pictures each week, but we wanted to actually walk you through the building!
We've sped up the process a bit, but here is a sneak peak at what's happening during construction.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Weekly Update

The exterior of the building got a "sudsy scrub" this Monday!

Indoors, the ductwork is ready to go, most is already installed.

We are trying to figure out lighting for the west entrance... where the skylight used to be. These were our two options. (below) We opted for neither, but plan to install track lighting in that area and possibly hang local art or find more attractive lighting fixtures that really make a statement.

These are our two carpet choices, the one on the left will be our conference room carpet, the one to the right is currently throughout the building.
In the very back you see a light brown carpet, this will be installed in all offices.

We also chose paint colors for the interior walls! We will be using a lot of rich colors throughout the space - but we're going to make you wait to see what we picked. TGIF- Have a great weekend!

Experience LeaderImpact....

The LeaderImpact deadline is fast approaching. Often times we are asked “What is unique about this leadership program?” LeaderImpact is a competency-based, transformational, experiential leadership program. It includes an essential professional/personal coach and an action learning lab, which keeps participants engaged and connected through the duration of the session.   

All adults can apply. NMF LeaderImpact offers the region and the world something that will revolutionize the way people view themselves as beings created and placed in the world for a purpose, endowed with the capacity for sustained change and ongoing preservation of the planet.

NMF LeaderImpact introduces a different way of being. The curriculum is rigorous and challenging. It is intended for people who want their lives transformed, who need sustained change, who want to be the best for the world, with a strong desire to have a significant impact in the world.

The tuition fee is all-inclusive and covers the program, l…

Taking Shape

The brick on the south side of the building is almost complete!

Frame work has begun and rooms are really starting to take shape.

The stair case to the upstairs is in place.
We have framed around a space for a possible elevator in the future.

Our lobby area is to the left and the training/conference rooms will be to the right.

An office being framed in.
Stay tuned for updates as they come in. The design committee will be meeting soon to disucss lighting options!