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Elite Additive Offers Innovative Solutions to Streamline Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing is an industry that has seen a major boost across the United States in the past decade. According to the 2018 Minnesota State of Manufacturing survey results, 65% of manufacturers statewide are anticipating an economic expansion in the coming year. Northwest Minnesota is home to a number of major manufacturing companies, such as Polaris, Marvin Windows and Doors, AirCorp Aviation and many more. One young entrepreneur with years of industry experience has decided to join the ranks and bring his new manufacturing company to the region – Mike Block, Principal and Founder of Elite Additive.

Block was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. He attended Bemidji State University (BSU) and graduated in 2006 with a degree in Design Technology with an emphasis in model design. “I always had an interest in designing new or improving current products and how we bring those to market, and the Design Technology program was the first in the nation to have a program that exposed me…