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You're Invited

AURI, a partner of NMF is hosting a Biomass Heating Feasibility Forum on July 25th. If you or someone you know have an interest please visit their website for more information.

Splash into Summer

We are making a splash this summer - with new paint COLOR on the exterior of the future NMF building!

These are some "Before" photos.

TA DA..... our newly painted building!!
The new colors are really making a splash in the heart of downtown.
Interior renovations are also noticeable.

There will be a lot of open space in our new building.
Third floor renovations have begun.
The windows facing 3rd Street have been removed. A nice breeze is keeping the crew cool! 

 We are so eager to keep you updated throughout our renovation process! Stay tuned to see what updates happen over the course of the next few weeks! Happy 4th of July safe!


Each week, the future site of NMF gradually reaches new heights! Work is moving along quickly and our excitment builds every time we step foot into the building.
If you look closely, you can see the half moons above each window. In earlier days there were canopies above each window, later removed the half moon shape became part of the facade. The building has now been resurfaced for NMF's plan - but you'll have to check the blog regularly to find out what we do!

When we said earlier, we are reaching new heights - we meant it! You can see from the bottom floor renovations are under way on the 3rd floor!
Future offices for NMF staff.

We will continually update you as the progress happens!

"Making Hay While the Sun Shines"

It was a beautiful day, downtown Bemidji Tuesday! Crews were working from the glorious outside in to further renovations of the new NMF building!

Soon we'll see new paint on the outside of the building!

Crews removing a platform in the front entrance of the building.

This area will be designated for reception and a training facility.

Bessler Electric feels the sun peeking in as they work on rewiring the building. 

The crew took time from lunch to smile for the camera!

Exterior Renovations at New NMF Building Moving Along


Construction is underway downtown

And we're off to the races! Contractors have been selected and some are already on site! The rehabilitation of the exterior of the new NMF office has begun with resurfacing parts of the exterior and some interior demolition.

The Fosston Area Community Fund (FACF) recently awarded grant funding to Royal Rangers Outpost 99.The Ranger organization submitted a proposal, requesting funds from FACF in response to a request for proposals that was released in January of this year.
Ranger Outpost 99 at Bethel Assembly in Fosston mentors children, ages 3-12, using a nationally recognized program, Royal Rangers, International.The program incorporates friendship, activities, an advancement system, interactive learning, uniforms, a patrol system, and service and ministry outreach.Adult leaders mentor kids through building friendships and implementing fun activities. Through hands-on, experiential learning, children build self-esteem, team-building skills, and leadership skills. The program is open to all children, within the specified age range, regardless of church affiliation.
The funds that were awarded by FACF will be used by the Rangers to purchase much-needed camping equipment. Camping is one of the most effective…