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Manage Your Nonprofit Program Costs and Move Toward Sustainability

In mid-November the Northwest Minnesota Foundation hosted Phil Hatlie, NonprofitAssistance Fund (NAF) to deliver the workshop, “What Do Your Programs Really Cost”.
Phil introduced a great new tool called Program Budget Allocation - which helps nonprofit organizations manage their program costs, create an effective budget and work toward sustainability.

This free tool launches in mid-December, and if you register with Nonprofit Assistance Fund, you will be one of the first nonprofit organizations in Minnesota to receive this tool.
NAF has put the finishing touches on this new program budget and allocation tool to walk you through the mechanics and produce some great financial information. The guide and accompanying spreadsheet template breaks down the process of understanding true program costs, either through budgeting or financial reports, into several stages. 
The narrative that accompanies the tool guides the user through defining the programs, identifying direct costs, allocating sh…