Best Building Update Yet!

We are very excited to present to you, one of the many highlights of our new facility! 

At NMF we strive to serve the northwest region of Minnesota each day. And we wanted to incorporate each quality of our region in the new building to serve as a constant reminder of our mission.

 We consulted a local artist to help us do just that - and the results are nothing short of amazing.

Darcy Thabes an artist from Bagley has incorporated mosaic tile in the floor of the front lobby. The mosaic depicts all of the wonderful elements that encapsulate northwest Minnesota!

The flow of the Mississppi  River will carry throughout the tile in the front lobby.

As the river branches out, you will see smaller mosaic pictures depicting the natural resources and qualities of our region.
Wild ricing, a major component to northwest Minnesota.

Snowshoeing and snow capped pine trees.

The detail within each of the mosaics is unbelievable! We cannot wait for you to see them once we are all moved in. 

If you have driven down 3rd Street, you'll see our new windows have been installed!

The mailing room offers plenty of space.

We now have a room for our server/technology instead of a closet - which is what we're currently using.

The kitchen that will be used for serving those attending trainings/conferences. 

The bathrooms have sinks and new lighting fixtures.

The conference/training rooms remain to be finished. 

View to the street from inside the President's office.

We are thoroughly excited to be able to represent our entire region in our new headquarters.

The element of local art is an added bonus that we will continue to embrace throughout the decore process.


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